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Sending boxes, packages, and documents to Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela.

Shipping process

1. Quote & Pay

The quote includes the final price of the door-to-door service, with no additional charges. This includes transportation and taxes; you will never be charged more.

  • You are responsible for getting your own box, measuring it, and weighing it.
    You can purchase a box at a UPS Store when you go drop of your shipment.
  • Delivery Times
    🇨🇴Colombia: 6-10 business days
    🇲🇽Mexico: 10-14 business days
    🇻🇪Venezuela: 20-25 business days
  • Maximum Weight and Measurements
    Maximum 90 pounds per box
    Maximum 35x25x20 inches
  • Verify what can be sent
    Check the Customs Restrictions by country
Shipping process

2. Print your Label and Pack

  • You are responsible for printing your shipping label: You can also print your shipping label at the UPS Store when you go drop off the package.
  • Paste the label to the box: Tape the transport label on your shipment and prepare it for collection or delivery at UPS offices.
  • Pack the box carefully: Use materials like air bubbles, polystyrene foam or crumpled paper to protect the items inside the box. Make sure they are well secured and do not move. Use strong adhesive tape to seal the box, making sure to cover all openings and corners.
Shipping process

3. Deliver the shipment to UPS

  • Drop-off at UPS store: Simply take the shipment with the label attached to a UPS office and leave it with an employee. You will not have to pay anything additional, nor do anything else. Find a store near you here. If you do not have a box, printer, or weight then you can buy a box, print your label and weigh your shipment at the UPS store, but you still have to buy your label from our website.
Shipping process

4. Track

  • We receive your shipment from UPS: Our system directs your shipment to our nearest location in the U.S. to prepare it and export it to the destination country.
  • Final Delivery: We deliver your shipment to the recipient at home after it passes customs.
  • Track: Track your package on our page.

5. Beware of Adjustments

  • Customs Adjustments: If the customs of the destination country determines that the content has a higher value than you declared, you will have to pay the difference in taxes. To avoid this, it is better to include receipts of the items in the box if they are new. If the items are used, customs uses rates of the same item on sites like to determine its value
  • Weight Adjustments: If the box weighs more than what you declared in, we will have to charge you the difference. Make sure to weigh your box correctly.